Discover practical and stylish storage solutions at decorio. From elegant boxes to versatile baskets, our products bring order and aesthetics to your home.


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Korb "Clennie" Natur BaumwolleBasket "Clennie" natural cotton
Umber Aufbewahrungsglas Rechteckig 3er Set Beton Grau RosaHübsch Umber Storage Jar Rectangular Grey (Set of 3)
Das 2er-Set Körbe 'WiredUp' in Rot verleiht jedem Raum Farbe und bietet eine elegante Aufbewahrungslösung für Wohnzimmer, Küche, Büro oder Flur
Körbe "Les Quatre Mains" - Vielseitig einsetzbar und praktisch, perfekt für die Aufbewahrung von Wäsche, Handtüchern oder Spielzeug.
Wäschekorb "Chess" Aufbewahrungskorb kleinLaundry basket "Chess" storage basket small
Korb "DOWNTOWN" mit Rollen SchwarzBasket "DOWNTOWN" with wheels black
Schachtel 'Samira' mit Deckel in Orange – Farbenfrohe Aufbewahrung mit StilBox "Samira" Box with lid Orange Paper

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Discover the art of elegant storage at decorio. Our selection of stylish storage products not only offers practical solutions, but also adds an aesthetic touch to any room. From minimalist baskets to modern boxes, each piece has been carefully selected to bring order and style to your home. Our storage solutions are perfect for discreetly storing everyday items while also serving as a decorative element.

Whether for the living room, bedroom or office, with our wide range of options you are sure to find the ideal storage solution that is not only functional but also a visual highlight. Rely on quality and design to organize your living space stylishly and add your personal touch. With decorio, storage becomes an integral part of your interior design.