With our boxes and baskets you can create order in style. They not only offer practical storage space, but are also an eye-catcher in any room.


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Schachtel 'Samira' mit Deckel in Orange – Farbenfrohe Aufbewahrung mit StilBox "Samira" Box with lid Orange Paper

Setting the Mood.

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A harmonious home: create your own oasis of peace

Discover the variety of our boxes and baskets, which not only offer practical storage space, but also function as stylish decorative elements. In our carefully curated selection you will find everything from woven rattan baskets to modern storage boxes. Each piece has been selected with the aim of harmoniously combining order and aesthetics in your home. Our boxes and baskets are more than just storage solutions - they are an expression of your personal style and contribute to a cozy and organized atmosphere. Use them to stylishly present your home accessories or to elegantly store small everyday objects. With decorio you bring order to your home and at the same time set aesthetic accents.