Bazar Bizar
Our secret ingredient is the beauty of natural materials such as rattan, seagrass and raffia.

Bazar Bizar


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Tagesdecke "The S'il vous Plaid" Wald GrünBedspread "The S'il vous Plaid" Forest Green
Pouf "The Oh My Gee Pouffe" Wald GrünPouf "The Oh My Gee Pouffe" Forest Green
Tagesdecke "The s'il vous Plaid" Schwarz OrangeBedspread "The s'il vous Plaid" Black Orange
Tagesdecke "The S'il vous Plaid" Salmon RosaBedspread "The S'il vous Plaid" Salmon Pink
Teppich "The Raffia Fringed" Natur 180x240 cmCarpet "The Raffia Fringed" Natural 180x240 cm
Makramee Pflanzenkorb Weiß MPlant basket "Macrame" White M
Makramee Pflanzenkorb Weiß LPlant basket "Macrame" white L
Makramee Pflanzenkorb Schwarz SPlant basket "Macrame" Black S
Makramee Pflanzenkorb Schwarz MPlant basket "Macrame" Black M
Makramee Pflanzenkorb Schwarz LPlant basket "Macrame" Black L
Marmorscheibe auf Ständer Schwarz LMarble disc on stand black L
Marmorscheibe auf Ständer Weiß SMarble disc on stand white S
Marmorscheibe auf Ständer Weiß MMarble disc on stand white M
Marmorscheibe auf Ständer Weiß LMarble disc on stand white L
Marmorscheibe auf Ständer Schwarz SMarble disc on stand black S
Marmorscheibe auf Ständer Schwarz MMarble disc on stand black M
Hocker Stuhl "The Suar Stool 50"Stool Chair "The Suar Stool 50"
Lampenschirm "The Dumpling Pendant" Natur LLampshade "The Dumpling Pendant" Natural L
Lampenschirm "The Squid Pendant" Natur LLampshade "The Squid Pendant" Natural L
Lampenschirm "The Wonton Pendant" SchwarzLampshade "The Wonton Pendant" Black
Lampenschirm "The Lobster Trap Pendant" SchwarzLampshade "The Lobster Trap Pendant" Black
Lampenschirm "The Good Vibes Pendant" Natur MLampshade "The Good Vibes Pendant" Natural M
Pouf Sitzkissen "The Collectors Pouffe" ChocolatePouf seat cushion "The Collectors Pouffe" Chocolate
Körbe "Les Quatre Mains" - Vielseitig einsetzbar und praktisch, perfekt für die Aufbewahrung von Wäsche, Handtüchern oder Spielzeug.

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A harmonious home: create your own oasis of peace

Discover Bazar Bizar at decorio – Unique furnishings for a sustainable home

At decorio you will find the fascinating collection of Bazar Bizar, a brand that stands out for its handmade, eco-friendly and fairly traded products. Bazar Bizar, with flagship stores in Antwerp and Bali, embodies a coastal lifestyle that perfectly suits modern, environmentally conscious customers worldwide.

Diverse product range
Our Bazar Bizar range includes everything your heart desires, from decorative lamps and mirrors to practical furniture and stylish tableware sets. Every product, from the cozy cushions to the stunning wall decorations, is not only an eye-catcher, but also a statement for conscious living.

Craftsmanship and quality
Behind every piece of Bazar Bizar are founders Pascale Pelsmaekers and Eddy Roothaert, who are committed to making Balinese culture and craftsmanship accessible worldwide. Each product is carefully crafted in Indonesia, using traditional techniques that give each item a personal touch.

Sustainability and Fair Trade
Bazar Bizar not only stands for aesthetics, but also for ethical production standards. All items are manufactured under fair working conditions and the company is actively committed to supporting the local economy in Bali. By purchasing Bazar Bizar products from decorio, you are not only supporting the environment, but also the people behind the products.

Visit Bazar Bizar on decorio and be inspired by the variety and beauty of the products. Whether for the home, the office or as a gift.