Our mirrors are more than just useful objects. They are stylish elements that visually enlarge and brighten rooms.


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Mirror "Fries before guys"Mirror "Fries before guys"
La Miséto
Mirror "Fries before guys" Sale price€334,00 EUR
Mirror "Impossible" PinkMirror "Impossible" Pink
La Miséto
Mirror "Impossible" Pink Sale price€79,00 EUR
Sold out
Mirror "Eye See You" SMirror "Eye See You" S
La Miséto
Mirror "Eye See You" S Sale price€159,00 EUR
Mirror "Mouth Bite Me" XLMirror "Mouth Bite Me" XL
La Miséto
Mirror "Mouth Bite Me" XL Sale price€239,00 EUR
Mirror "Mouth Bite Me" SMirror "Mouth Bite Me" S
La Miséto
Mirror "Mouth Bite Me" S Sale price€144,00 EUR
Mirror "Eye See You" XLMirror "Eye See You" XL
La Miséto
Mirror "Eye See You" XL Sale price€254,00 EUR
Mirror "Ghost"Mirror "Ghost"
La Miséto
Mirror "Ghost" Sale price€94,00 EUR
Mirror "Impossible" WhiteMirror "Impossible" White
Mirror "Ice Ice" PinkMirror "Ice Ice" Pink
La Miséto
Mirror "Ice Ice" Pink Sale price€229,00 EUR
Mirror "Ice Ice" BlueMirror "Ice Ice" Blue
La Miséto
Mirror "Ice Ice" Blue Sale price€229,00 EUR
Mirror "Game"Mirror "Game"
La Miséto
Mirror "Game" Sale price€94,00 EUR
Mirror "Cube"Mirror "Cube"
La Miséto
Mirror "Cube" Sale price€216,00 EUR
Sold out
Mirror set "Game on"Mirror set "Game on"
La Miséto
Mirror set "Game on" Sale price€279,00 EUR
Spiegel "The basic mirror" Dreieck GelbMirror "The basic mirror" triangle yellow
Sold out
Spiegel "The basic mirror" Quadrat RotMirror "The basic mirror" square red
Spiegel "The basic mirror" Rund BlauMirror "The basic mirror" Round Blue
Spiegel "The basic mirrors" 3er SetSet of 3 mirrors "The basic mirrors"
Spiegel "The Raffia Eye" Natur MMirror "The Raffia Eye" Natural M
Spiegel "The Mowgli" Natur MMirror "The Mowgli" Natural M
Wandspiegel "Cherry" RattanWall mirror "Cherry" rattan
Wall mirror "Cherry" rattan Sale price€44,00 EUR
Der "Aware" Wandspiegel im kleinen Format und in angesagtem Messingfarben ist eine moderne Interpretation des klassischen Spiegels, der mit seinem gebogenen Rahmen aus Eisen einen Hauch von Vintage-Chic in Ihre Einrichtung bringt.
Spiegel "FALCO" S sandMirror "FALCO" S sand
Nordal A/S
Mirror "FALCO" S sand Sale price€363,00 EUR
Spiegel "TURA" M Braun
Nordal A/S
Mirror "TURA" M Brown Sale price€393,00 EUR
Spiegel "TURA" L BraunMirror "TURA" L Brown
Nordal A/S
Mirror "TURA" L Brown Sale price€454,00 EUR
Spiegel Rechteckig SchwarzMirror "SQUARE" Rectangular Black
Spiegel Rechteckig Messing finishMirror "SQUARE" Rectangular brass finish
Spiegel "ORTEGA" Rund Eisen Schwarz
Spiegel "CURLEW" Rund Eisen MessingMirror "CURLEW" Round Iron Brass
Spiegel "The Black Eye" SchwarzMirror "The Black Eye" Black
Der Standspiegel "Lean" in Naturfarben, aus FSC-zertifizierter Eiche und Spiegelglas gefertigt, bietet mit seinem schlanken, minimalistischen Stil eine stilvolle Ergänzung für Flur, Badezimmer oder jeden anderen RaumStanding mirror "Lean" natural colors

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Mirror – insight into your style with decorio

Mirrors are more than just practical everyday objects - they make a statement in every room. At decorio you will find a select collection of mirrors that will give your home character and depth. Whether as an elegant wall mirror in the hallway, a generous standing mirror in the bedroom or as a decorative accent in the living room - our mirrors are as diverse as your interior design ideas. Each mirror in our range is carefully selected to combine style, functionality and quality. From minimalist designs to artistic frames, our mirrors complement any interior and bring light and space into your rooms. Use a mirror to give your room a visual extension or to create interesting lighting effects. Our mirrors are not only useful, but also an expression of your personal taste. They not only reflect your image, but also your attention to detail and your preference for stylish living. Discover mirrors at decorio that are not only practical, but also adorn your walls as works of art. A well-chosen mirror can change the character of a room and is an indispensable element in any modern interior. Be inspired by our selection and find the perfect mirror that reflects your rooms and your personality.