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Wandleuchte "FREYA" SchwarzWall light "FREYA" Black
Lampenschirm "SIGYN" BambusLampshade "SIGYN" bamboo
Nordal A/S
Lampshade "SIGYN" bamboo Sale price€230,00 EUR
Wandleuchte "AURA" SchwarzWall light "AURA" Black
Nordal A/S
Wall light "AURA" Black Sale price€207,00 EUR
Tischleuchte "BES" Rauchglas MarmorTable lamp "BES" smoked glass marble
Pouf "WULAR" Off whitePouf "WULAR" Off white
Nordal A/S
Pouf "WULAR" Off white Sale price€227,00 EUR
Wandteppich "ITRI" Off whiteTapestry "ITRI" Off white
Wandleuchte "BRAGI" 3 Spots MessingWall light "BRAGI" 3 spots brass
Wandleuchte "LUNA" S MessingWall light "LUNA" S brass
Nordal A/S
Wall light "LUNA" S brass Sale price€378,00 EUR
Raumteiler "COLONIAL" Divider Groß Rattan NaturRoom divider "COLONIAL" Divider Large Rattan Natural
Tragbare Leuchte "TROY"Portable lamp "TROY"
Nordal A/S
Portable lamp "TROY" Sale price€169,00 EUR
Spiegel "CURLEW" Rund Eisen MessingMirror "CURLEW" Round Iron Brass
Spiegel "ORTEGA" Rund Eisen Schwarz
Blumentopf "AJONU" XL GrauFlowerpot "AJONU" XL Grey
Nordal A/S
Flowerpot "AJONU" XL Grey Sale price€378,00 EUR
Blumentopf "GRANITO" cremeFlowerpot "GRANITO" cream
Nordal A/S
Flowerpot "GRANITO" cream Sale price€303,00 EUR
Blumentopf "GRANITO" SchwarzFlowerpot "GRANITO" Black
Blumentopf "EDAY" XL GrauFlowerpot "EDAY" XL Grey
Nordal A/S
Flowerpot "EDAY" XL Grey Sale price€340,00 EUR
Schrank "MERGE" nature w/rattanCabinet "MERGE" nature w/rattan
Raumteiler "BALI" Trennwand Rattan Gewebt NaturRoom divider "BALI" partition wall rattan woven natural
Lounge Stuhl "CLUB" Teak GewebtLounge Chair "CLUB" Teak Woven
Kerzenständer "VAILA" Neun Kerzen GoldCandlestick "VAILA" Nine Candles Gold
Kerzenständer "SENJA" Groß Vier KerzenCandlestick "SENJA" Large Four Candles
Dekorationsstatue "ROSALA" Skulptur Schwarz/WeißDecorative statue "ROSALA" sculpture black/white
Dekoration "KETOY" Muschelform WeißDecoration "KETOY" shell shape white
Lederhocker "RUGBY" Rund Antik BraunLeather stool "RUGBY" round antique brown

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A harmonious home: create your own oasis of peace

A touch of Denmark for your home

At decorio we offer an exclusive range of Nordal products that will enrich your home with Scandinavian charm and functionality. Nordal is a Danish family business that has specialised in creating unique home and interior items that are both practical and stylish for two generations.

Extensive range from Nordal
Our range includes everything from elegant furniture pieces such as coat racks, dining chairs and sideboards to luxurious home textiles. These products are perfect for enhancing any room in your home and offering functional elegance.

Sustainable and stylish solutions
Nordal stands not only for design, but also for sustainability. Discover our HERB series of eco-friendly cleaning products that are not only effective but also promote ecological awareness. Complement your home with our stylish garden furniture and planters that extend the summer and create an outdoor oasis.

Exclusive insights and offers
Visit the decorio online store to discover the latest collections from Nordal. From everyday furnishings to special seasonal decorations, Nordal offers everything you need to create an attractive and comfortable home. Be inspired by the variety of products and find exactly the right thing for your interior.

Your home, enriched by Nordal
Whether you're looking for a new bedspread to transform your bedroom or an elegant solution to keep your office tidy, Nordal offers aesthetic and functional products that add a touch of Danish design to any room.