Our sculptures are unique works of art that add character and depth to any room. Discover pieces that tell stories.


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Deko "Delier" Skulptur Braun PolyresinDecoration "Delier" sculpture brown polyresin
Skulptur "Raheen" Deko Natur SteingutSculpture "Raheen" Decoration Natural Stoneware
Skulptur "Rouyi" Deko Grau SteingutSculpture "Rouyi" Decoration Grey Stoneware
Marmorscheibe auf Ständer Weiß SMarble disc on stand white S
Marmorscheibe auf Ständer Weiß MMarble disc on stand white M
Marmorscheibe auf Ständer Weiß LMarble disc on stand white L
Marmorscheibe auf Ständer Schwarz SMarble disc on stand black S
Marmorscheibe auf Ständer Schwarz MMarble disc on stand black M
Marmorscheibe auf Ständer Schwarz LMarble disc on stand black L
Deko "Serife" Skulptur Natur SteingutDecoration "Serife" sculpture natural stoneware
Skulptur 'Indo' in Weiß – Minimalistische Eleganz aus ZementSculpture "Indo" Decoration White Cement
Dekorationsstatue "ROSALA" Skulptur Schwarz/WeißDecorative statue "ROSALA" sculpture black/white
Dekoration "KETOY" Muschelform WeißDecoration "KETOY" shell shape white
Deko "Laia" Skulptur Natur SandsteinDecoration "Laia" sculpture natural sandstone

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Sculptures – Artful living with decorio

Sculptures are not just works of art, they are an expression of your individual style and bring a creative atmosphere to your living space. At decorio you will find a diverse selection of sculptures ranging from classic to modern that will enrich any room. Our sculptures are more than just decoration; they tell stories, evoke emotions and add a special, artistic touch to your home. From elegant abstractions to lifelike representations, our sculpture collection offers the right piece for every art lover and interior style. Place a sculpture as an eye-catcher in your living room, as a stylish accessory in your office or as an artistic highlight in your entrance area. Each sculpture at decorio is carefully selected and comes from talented artists who understand their craft. By using different materials such as metal, ceramic or wood, our sculptures bring variety and texture to your interior. Be inspired by our selection and choose a sculpture that reflects your personality and gives your home a touch of elegance and creativity. With a sculpture from decorio you make an unmistakable statement in your living space.