Our poufs are versatile all-rounders: perfect as a seat, footrest or as a stylish accessory in any room.


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Stool Pouf "Bilbao" Orange VelourStool Pouf "Bilbao" Orange Velour
Der Pouf 'Mellow' in Sandfarben vereint modernes Design mit Komfort und ist ein stilvolles und einladendes Sitzmöbelstück für jedes ZuhausePouf "Mellow" sand-colored
Pouf "Mellow" sand-colored Sale price€230,00 EUR
Pouf Sitzkissen "The Oh My Gee Pouffe" Salmon RosaPouf seat cushion "The Oh My Gee Pouffe" Salmon Pink
Pouf Sitzkissen "The Oh My Gee Pouffe" Schwarz OrangePouf seat cushion "The Oh My Gee Pouffe" Black Orange
Pouf Sitzkissen "The Collectors Pouffe" ChocolatePouf seat cushion "The Collectors Pouffe" Chocolate
Sculpture Pouf in Grün – Ein stilvoller und praktischer Beitrag für Ihr WohnzimmerStool Pouf "Sculpture" Turquoise
Pouf "The Oh My Gee Pouffe" Wald GrünPouf "The Oh My Gee Pouffe" Forest Green
Pouf "Lina" Hocker Recycled TonPouf "Lina" Stool Recycled Clay
Pouf "Lina" Stool Recycled Clay Sale price€204,00 EUR
Pouf "Lina" Hocker Recycled CaramelPouf "Lina" Stool Recycled Caramel
Pouf "Lina" Stool Recycled Caramel Sale price€102,00 EUR
Der Pouf Sculpture in Grau: Ein skulpturaler Blickfang und praktisches Möbelstück in einem, perfekt für vielseitige Nutzung in kleinen Räumen oder als stilvoller Akzent im WohnzimmerStool Pouf "Sculpture" Grey
Stool Pouf "Sculpture" Grey Sale price€240,00 EUR
Der Pouf 'Wave' in Grau mit einem Birkenholzrahmen und kantiger Silhouette verleiht jedem Raum Charakter und bietet eine stilvolle Ergänzung für zusätzliche Sitzgelegenheiten oder zur Entspannung müder FüßePouf "Wave" Grey
Pouf "Wave" Grey Sale price€240,00 EUR
Der Pouf 'Cube' in Orange ist ein modernes Design-Element, das jedem Zuhause ein stilvolles Ambiente verleiht und gleichzeitig höchsten Komfort bietetPouf "Cube" Orange
Pouf "Cube" Orange Sale price€200,00 EUR
Lederhocker "RUGBY" Rund Antik BraunLeather stool "RUGBY" round antique brown
Pouf "WULAR" Off whitePouf "WULAR" Off white
Nordal A/S
Pouf "WULAR" Off white Sale price€227,00 EUR
Pouf "Walder" Violett BaumwollePouf "Walder" Violet Cotton

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Poufs at Decorio – More than just a seat cushion

Welcome to the world of poufs at Decorio, where comfort meets style. Our poufs are not only practical and comfortable seating, but also trendy home accessories that add that special something to any room. Whether in the living room, children's room or as additional seating for guests - poufs are the perfect addition to any home. They offer a cozy and flexible seating option and can be easily moved from one room to another. Our selection of poufs includes different styles, colors and materials, so there is something for every taste and every interior. From simple, elegant designs to colorful, patterned variants - at Decorio you will find the pouf that perfectly suits your individual living style. They are ideal for spreading a touch of coziness while making a stylish statement. Discover our diverse collection of poufs now and enrich your home with a comfortable and stylish seat that is both functional and decorative.