The world of side stools at decorio. Our carefully curated selection offers versatile designs, from minimalist to boho-chic, to suit every interior style.


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Stool Pouf "Bilbao" Orange VelourStool Pouf "Bilbao" Orange Velour
Tisch "XYZ" Tiefschwarz RAL 9005
Tisch "XYZ" Papyrusweiß RAL 1023
Beistelltisch "TOM" und Tablett "CARLA" 3er SetSide table "TOM" and tray "CARLA" set of 3
hans objects
Beistelltisch "TOM" und Tablett "CARLA" 2er SetSide table "TOM" and tray "CARLA" set of 2
hans objects
Bark Hocker, Natur, GummibaumholzStool "Bark" natural rubber wood
Hocker "Verde" Braun JuteStool "Verde" Brown Jute
Hocker "Aysia" Natur LederStool "Aysia" natural leather
Hocker "Tami" StuhlStool "Tami" Chair
Schneid Studio
Stool "Tami" Chair Sale price€599,00 EUR
Hocker Stuhl "The Suar Stool 50"Stool Chair "The Suar Stool 50"
Hocker "The Raffia Pom Pom" Stuhl NaturStool "The Raffia Pom Pom" Chair Natural
Sold out
Beistelltisch "TAURA" Schwarz/WeißSide table "TAURA" black/white
Stuhl "Rainbow" Hocker Rattan NatureChair "Rainbow" Stool Rattan Nature
Trisse Rolle Recyceltes Plastik BeigeTrisse Roll Recycled Plastic Beige
Trisse Roll Recycled Plastic Beige Sale price€160,00 EUR
Hocker "Siltaa" Recycelt WeißStool "Siltaa" Recycled White
Stool "Siltaa" Recycled White Sale price€190,00 EUR
Sold out
Der 'Split Triple' Hocker in Naturfarben: Dreifache Eleganz und Funktionalität durch hochwertiges Eichenfurnier, perfekt für vielseitige InnenraumgestaltungStool "Split" Triple Natural
Stool "Split" Triple Natural Sale price€250,00 EUR

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Stools – versatile companions for every room

Discover the variety of stools at decorio that combine functionality with modern design. Our stools are not only practical places to sit, but also stylish elements that give every room a special touch. Whether in the kitchen, living room or study, a stool from decorio fits seamlessly into any environment and offers a wide range of possible uses.

Our range includes stools in different sizes, shapes and materials. From classic wooden stools that exude warmth and naturalness, to metal stools with an industrial design, to upholstered versions that offer additional comfort. Each stool is carefully selected to be not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

For small rooms, folding or stackable stools are a good option, as they can be easily stored when needed. These flexible solutions are ideal when space is tight but you still want stylish and practical seating. In larger rooms, stools make good additional seating that can be quickly added when guests come.

In addition to serving as seating, many of our stools can also be used as side tables. Place a tray on them and you have a practical storage space for drinks, books or decorative objects. This dual function makes our stools a valuable piece of furniture in every home.

When selecting our stools, we place great value on quality and durability. The materials used are robust and easy to care for, so you will enjoy your purchase for a long time. When it comes to design, we also make sure that our stools look modern and attractive not only today, but also tomorrow.