hinzkunst is not a brand, but a way of thinking. We believe in innovative, contemporary objects that are characterized by personality.



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Der Beistelltisch "XYZ" in Basaltgrau RAL 7012 vereint Funktionalität und Ausdruckskraft, und fügt sich perfekt in jeden Wohnraum ein, dank seiner skulpturalen Formgebung und subtilen Typografie der drei Dimensionen X, Y und Z.
Tisch "XYZ" Papyrusweiß RAL 1023
Tisch "XYZ" Tiefschwarz RAL 9005
Kissen "Feddersen"Pillow "Feddersen"
Pillow "Feddersen" Sale price€59,00 EUR
Wanduhr "Steutenhoff"Wall clock "Steutenhoff"
Wall clock "Steutenhoff" Sale price€69,00 EUR
Tagesdecke "Stabenau"
Bedspread "Stabenau" Sale price€199,00 EUR
Tagesdecke "Millbrock"
Bedspread "Millbrock" Sale price€149,00 EUR
Tagesdecke „Kiekerowski“ 137×178 cm
Tagesdecke "Holewang"
Bedspread "Holewang" Sale price€149,00 EUR
Tagesdecke „Diefenbach“
Bedspread “Diefenbach” Sale price€149,00 EUR

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hinzkunst – Unique design objects that are more than just accessories

Discover hinzkunst, a way of thinking that creates innovative and contemporary objects that impress with their personality and uniqueness. hinzkunst is not just about home decoration, but about autonomous works of art that enrich and surprise every living space.

An assortment that impresses
hinzkunst offers an exclusive selection of products produced in small editions to ensure the exclusivity and uniqueness of each object:

Bedspreads: Not only functional, but a real design statement.
Candlesticks: Artistic designs that redefine the play of light in your home.
Posters: Aesthetic wall art that combines personality and modern art.
Wall clock: A timepiece that impresses with its extraordinary design.
Side table: Perfect in form and function, fits seamlessly into modern living concepts.
Pillows: Comfort meets modern art, ideal for adding a personal touch to any room.
Philosophy of exclusivity and sustainability
hinzkunst believes in the power of limited editions that not only impress today, but also inspire future generations. Each product is manufactured with the utmost care and with sustainability principles in mind.

For collectors and design lovers
In a perfect world, hinzkunst objects will become sought-after collectors' items. We invite you to become part of this world by choosing a piece from hinzkunst that will not only become a part of your home, but also an investment in the future of design art.