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Our candle holders are more than just accessories. They are stylish accents that give every room a special atmosphere.


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Kerzenhalter Kristall Glas Rosa Rauchgrau HandgefertigtHübsch Gem Candle Holder Small Grey/Pink
Gem Kerzenhalter Orange Rosa Kristall HandgefertigtHübsch Gem Candle Holder Orange/Pink
Gem Kerzenhalter Medium Klar Kristall HandgefertigtHübsch Gem Candle Holder Medium Clear
Gem Kerzenhalter Rosa Blau Kristall HandgefertigtPretty Gem Candle Holder Pink/Blue
Der Kristall Kerzenhalter Transparent ist ein zeitloses und elegantes Wohnaccessoire für jede Einrichtung.Pretty Gem Candle Holder Clear
Dust Kerzenhalter Rosa Rot KristallglasHübsch Dust Candle Holder Pink
Astro Kerzenhalter Kristallglas Dunkelgrün Rot GelbHübsch Astro Candle Holder Green
Hübsch Comet Candle Holder Blue (Set of 2)Hübsch Comet Candle Holder Blue (Set of 2)
Kerzenhalter "Tahoka" Blau KeramikCandle holder "Tahoka" blue ceramic
Kerzenhalter "Savi"Keramik Niedrig MuskatnussCandle holder "Savi"Ceramic Low Nutmeg
Kerzenhalter "Savi"Keramik Niedrig BeigeCandle holder "Savi"Ceramic Low Beige
Kerzenhalter "Savi"Messing Niedrig GebürstetCandle holder "Savi"Brass Low Brushed
Kerzenhalter "Palloa" Messing Niedrig ZylinderCandle holder "Palloa" brass low brushed
Kerzenhalter "Palloa" Messing HochCandle holder "Palloa" brass high brushed
Kerzenhalter "Savi" Rechteckig Messing GebürstetCandle holder "Savi" rectangular brushed brass
Kerzenhalter "Savi" Messing GebürstetCandle holder "Savi" brushed brass
Kerzenhalter "Savi" MessingCandle holder "Savi" brass
Kerzenhalter "Palloa" Niedrig MessingCandle holder "Palloa" low brass
Kerzenhalter "Palloa" Hoch MessingCandle holder "Palloa" high brass
Kerzenhalter "Savi" Marmor Groß BeigeCandle holder "Savi" marble large beige
Kerzenhalter "Savi" Marmor Klein ChokoCandle holder "Savi" marble small Choko
Kerzenhalter "Savi" Marmor Klein BeigeCandle holder "Savi" marble small beige
Kerzenhalter "Savi" Marmor Klein Off WhiteCandle holder "Savi" marble small off white
Kerzenhalter "Savi" Marmor Groß Off WhiteCandle holder "Savi" marble large off white
Kerzenständer "SENJA" Groß Vier KerzenCandlestick "SENJA" Large Four Candles
Kerzenständer "VAILA" Neun Kerzen GoldCandlestick "VAILA" Nine Candles Gold
Kerzenhalter "Baari" Messing GebürstetCandle holder "Baari" brushed brass

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Candlesticks – stylish accents for every room

Discover an exquisite selection of candle holders at decorio that will add that special something to any room. Our candle holder collection ranges from modern, minimalist designs to opulent, artistic pieces that will enchant your living space. Whether you are looking for an elegant candle holder for a romantic dinner or an eye-catching candle holder that serves as a central decorative element - you will find the perfect accessory with us. Our candle holders are more than just a holder for candles; they are a statement in your home. They create an atmosphere of coziness while providing a stylish ambience. Choose from a variety of materials and styles, including glass, metal, wood and ceramic, to give your room a personal touch. With our candle holders you can perfectly showcase candles and create an inviting, warm play of light. They are ideal for giving your home a relaxed, stylish mood while exuding a feeling of luxury and elegance. Discover the ideal candle holder at decorio that underlines your personal style and transforms your home into a cozy oasis of well-being.