Discover the world of tapestries at decorio and transform your walls from simple vertical surfaces into profound, artistic displays. Get inspired and choose the tapestry that best reflects your personal aesthetic and style from our carefully curated collection.


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Der niedliche Teppich in Form einer Kirsche verleiht dem Kinderzimmer eine süße und verspielte AusstrahlungCarpet "Cherry Rug" 86 x 76 cm
Carpet "Cherry Rug" 86 x 76 cm Sale price€41,00 EUR
Teppich "Regenbogen" SchokoCarpet "Rainbow" Chocolate
Carpet "Rainbow" Chocolate Sale price€59,00 EUR
Teppich 'Malle' Pilzteppich Rot – Ein niedlicher Teppich, der Kinderzimmer in ein spielerisches Paradies verwandeltCarpet "Malle" Mushroom Carpet Red
Teppich "Croissant" Tufting LäuferCarpet "Croissant" Tufting Runner
Carpet "Croissant" Tufting Runner Sale price€135,00 EUR
Teppich "Eichelform" Braun MulticolorCarpet "Acorn Shape" Brown Multicolor
Tagesdecke „Diefenbach“
Bedspread “Diefenbach” Sale price€149,00 EUR
Tagesdecke "Holewang"
Bedspread "Holewang" Sale price€149,00 EUR
Tagesdecke „Kiekerowski“ 137×178 cm
Tagesdecke "Stabenau"
Bedspread "Stabenau" Sale price€199,00 EUR
Tagesdecke "Outdoor Diary I" 105x155cm
Tagesdecke "Outdoor Diary II" 105x155cm
Tagesdecke "Abstract I"
Tobias Degel
Bedspread "Abstract I" Sale price€120,00 EUR
Tagesdecke "Konfetti I"
Tagesdecke "Lisa"
Tobias Degel
Bedspread "Lisa" Sale price€120,00 EUR
Tagesdecke "Copyright"Bedspread "Copyright"
Tobias Degel
Bedspread "Copyright" Sale price€120,00 EUR
Tagesdecke "Registrated"
Tobias Degel
Bedspread "Registrated" Sale price€120,00 EUR
Tagesdecke "Smile"
Tobias Degel
Bedspread "Smile" Sale price€120,00 EUR
Teppich "Ice Cream" Tufted Miniteppich/WandbehangCarpet "Ice Cream" Tufted Mini Carpet/Wall Hanging
Wanddekoration "Philipa" Weiá BaumwolleWall decoration "Philipa" white cotton
Tagesdecke "Millbrock"
Bedspread "Millbrock" Sale price€149,00 EUR
Teppich "Maru" Wandteppich Braun / OffwhiteWall decoration "Maru" tapestry brown / off-white
Wandteppich "ITRI" Off whiteTapestry "ITRI" Off white

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Tapestries at decorio – texture and art for your walls

At decorio you will find a fascinating selection of tapestries that will instantly add character and warmth to any room. Our tapestries are more than just simple decorative elements; they are expressive works of art that transform any wall into a visual narrative.

Variety in design and material: Our tapestries come in a wide range of styles, colors and textures. From abstract and modern patterns to ethnic and traditional designs to minimalist and geometric shapes, each tapestry is carefully selected to provide a versatile choice to complement any decor style.

High-quality materials: Made from high-quality materials such as wool, cotton and synthetic fibers, our tapestries not only offer visual appeal, but also durability and ease of care. The use of natural fibers also helps create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Artisan Quality: Many of our tapestries are handmade, reflecting the craftsmanship and traditions of the cultures they originate from. This artisan quality ensures unique variations in each piece, making it truly one of a kind.