Cutting Studio
From naturally muted to bright and colourful with a bold approach to shaping and creating.

Cutting Studio


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Decke "TIDE" BlushBlanket "TIDE" Blush
Hocker "Tami" StuhlStool "Tami" Chair
Schneid Studio
Stool "Tami" Chair Sale price€599,00 EUR
Lampe JUNIT "TOFFEE"Hanging lamp JUNIT "TOFFEE" wood
Leuchte JUNIT "COLUMN"Hanging lamp JUNIT "COLUMN" wood
Leuchte JUNIT "DROP"Hanging lamp JUNIT "DROP" wood
Leuchte JUNIT "RECORD"Hanging lamp JUNIT "RECORD" wood
Regal "ONDA" Groß Doppelregal schwarzShelf "ONDA" Large double shelf black
Regal "ONDA" Groß Doppelregal silberShelf "ONDA" Large double shelf silver
Regal "ONDA" Klein Doppelregal schwarzShelf "ONDA" small double shelf black
Regal "ONDA" Klein Doppelregal silberShelf "ONDA" small double shelf silver
Das modulare Regalsystem "ONDA" Groß in Schwarz vereint kühne Formen mit weichen Konturen, handgefertigt aus Eichenholz und Metall, um Funktionalität und Eleganz zu verschmelzen.Shelf "ONDA" Large black
Regal "ONDA" Groß Silber
Schneid Studio
Shelf "ONDA" Large Silver Sale price€1.299,00 EUR
Regal "ONDA" Klein schwarzShelf "ONDA" small black
Regal "ONDA" Klein silberShelf "ONDA" small silver
Vase "Aura no2" SalbeiVase "Aura no2" sage
Vase "Aura no2" RostVase "Aura no2" rust
Vase "Aura no2" SenfVase "Aura no2" mustard
Vase "Aura no1" BlushVase "Aura no1" Blush
Vase "Aura no1" AprikoseVase "Aura no1" apricot
Vase "Aura no1" Pulver Blau (Powder Blue)Vase "Aura no1" Powder Blue
Bowl "Dais" Groß Pfirsich mit SockelBowl "Dais" Small Peach
Bowl "Dais" Groß sandBowl "Dais" Large Sand
Schneid Studio
Bowl "Dais" Large Sand Sale price€139,00 EUR
Bowl "Dais" Groß lavenderBowl "Dais" Large Lavender
Bowl "Dais" Groß PfirsichBowl "Dais" Large Peach

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Harmony of ethics and aesthetics

At decorio we are pleased to offer you the unique products of Schneid Studio, a brand that stands out for its mindful approach to design and production. Schneid Studio combines ethical principles with aesthetic elegance to create sustainable and timelessly beautiful products.

Natural materials and local craftsmanship
Schneid Studio relies on collaboration with local artisans to realize its vision of sustainable design. Each product is made from natural materials and reflects the studio's deep connection to nature. This philosophy not only promotes a mindful consumption style, but also an appreciation for craftsmanship and the environment.

Timeless designs that appeal to the senses
Schneid Studio's collection at decorio includes a variety of products, from bright colors to softly muted tones, all of which boast a bold approach to form and creation. Inspired by elements of architecture, art and poetry, the studio transforms these influences into a modern, timeless aesthetic that creates a special atmosphere in any room.

Influential and inspiring
Schneid Studio not only promotes responsible use of resources, but also inspires through its designs that bridge traditional and contemporary styles. Each piece in their collection is designed to be both inspiring and functional, promoting a conscious lifestyle that values ​​the beauty and durability of well-designed products.

Visit decorio to discover the world of Schneid Studio and be inspired by products that are both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.