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Our goal is to combine handmade products with minimalist designs that embody the current zeitgeist.

Fosure Candles


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Duftkerzen 3er Mini Kerzen SetScented candles 3 mini candles set
Scented candle "Heaven's Plaza"Duftkerze "Heaven's Plaza"
Scented candle "Tuscanian Breeze"Duftkerze "Tuscanian Breeze"
Scented candle "Canyon Oud"Duftkerze "Canyon Oud"
Scented candle "Mellow Peace"Duftkerze "Mellow Peace"
Scented candle "Woodan" Duftkerze "Woodan"
Scented candle "Superb Trauma"Duftkerze "Superb Trauma"
Scented candle "Valerie" Duftkerze "Valerie"

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A harmonious home: create your own oasis of peace

Fosure Candles – Modern fragrance art from Germany

Discover Fosure Candles, an innovative fragrance house from the heart of Germany, specializing in creating handmade candles with a minimalist design. Our products are a reflection of the current zeitgeist, inspired by the world of high fashion, streetwear and architecture.

Handcrafted quality and stylish design
At Fosure Candles we place great importance on the craftsmanship of our products. Each candle is carefully crafted with great attention to detail to provide not only an aesthetic but also an olfactory experience. Our minimalist design fits seamlessly into any modern interior and highlights our passion for simple yet effective design.

Unique fragrances for every occasion
Our candle collection offers a range of carefully selected scents designed to invigorate your senses and enrich your spaces. From refreshing citrus notes to deep, sensual woody notes, Fosure Candles has the perfect fragrance for every taste and occasion.

Sustainability and commitment
At Fosure Candles, sustainability and responsibility are particularly important to us. We only use high-quality, environmentally friendly materials and ensure that our products are not only beautiful but also sustainable. Our candles offer an environmentally conscious way to create atmosphere without compromising on style or quality.