Visiting Goldie: Between rural idyll and boho charm.

Zu Gast bei Goldie: Zwischen Landidylle und Boho-Charme.

Let's talk PINK!

Goldie's world is happy, colorful and, above all, very pink. We spoke to the magical blogger from the Stuttgart area about her "boho country house" style, her love for patterned wallpaper and her work as an interior design consultant. She tells us her ultimate interior design tips and tells us about her low-budget DIY project with a WOW factor - it's worth it.

Who are you and what are you doing?

My name is Goldie, I am 33 years old and a passionate country girl! I live with my husband and our two dogs Anni & Lotte in a small village in the Stuttgart area in our 140 m² house, which was built in 1975. Every day I roam the woods in rubber boots. We live here surrounded by fields and farms, and I love it when the geese waddle across the road in front of me and the horse-drawn carriage drives past our kitchen window. When I'm not watching the lambs hopping across the meadows with their ears flying, I work as an interior design consultant.

As an interior designer, I help women transform their own four walls into their dream home with little money. I do this work with a lot of passion and dedication and I find it particularly great to get to know so many brave and impressive women!

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as "boho country house". I am a huge fan of the boho style and at the same time I am completely in love with small British cottages, which for me radiate pure coziness and comfort!

What story does your home tell?

Our home tells the story of an open-minded couple who love life and for whom family is the most important thing in life. We are a couple who don't take life or themselves too seriously, who like to be happy and have a sense of beauty. Who don't care what others might think of their home or their way of life, who like to travel but who much, much prefer being at home because home is always the best place!

" a girl, I benefited from my numerous Barbie dolls, for whom I conjured up the craziest booths out of shoe boxes, craft paper and glitter stickers."

When did your interest in interior design begin?

I have been fully interested in interior design since I was a little girl. Back then, my numerous Barbie dolls were the ones who benefited the most, as I created the craziest booths and furniture for them out of shoe boxes, craft paper and glitter stickers.

What is your biggest interior “weakness”?

I have a huge weakness for patterned wallpaper and lamps of all kinds. But I also find it hard to say no to beautiful pillowcases and great bed linen!

What about you - do you have any ticks, collecting passions or quirks that you would like to share?

We live in a very colorful way, but of course we have a fixed color scheme in our home so that everything looks harmonious. Anything that doesn't match this color scheme has no place here. I'm strict about that! For example, I would never put bright red flowers on my table because they just don't fit in with the color scheme. Even with the flowers that I plant in our garden in spring, I make sure that our color scheme is adhered to indoors... You could probably call this "color mania" a "full-blown" tic.

Is there a special story behind a piece of furniture or furnishings in your home?

In every room we have furniture and decorations that we inherited from beloved family members who have passed away.
These pieces have a high emotional value for us and it means a lot to surround ourselves with them!

What was your best DIY project? Do you have any tips for upcycling and what should you pay attention to?

My absolute favorite DIY project is our beautiful bookcase in the living room. We bought an old bookcase from the classifieds for €190 as a base, which we then completely rebuilt. The entire project was quite complex and took several months. But the result is impressive! Our bookcase is a real eye-catcher and looks very high-quality. For me, DIY projects always have to look high-quality and, ideally, be implemented so well that they don't look like they were made by hand.

Let’s talk about interior faux pas – which mistakes should you avoid?

I think it's really important not to be too influenced by other people and interior trends when it comes to your own interior design! A home should reflect the personality of the people who live there. It doesn't matter what's "cool" at the moment or what other people might think of the interior.

Goldie’s Interior Tips

1. Second-hand shopping
Beautiful living doesn't have to be expensive! Classified ads even have new furniture for bargain prices! You can also save a lot of money by comparing prices.
2. Bring colour into your life
Believe it or not: It has been scientifically proven that when you see bright, cheerful colors, dopamine is released, which puts you in a good mood. "Dopamine interior"! What a brilliant reason to bring color into your home, right?!
3. Lamps for more coziness

To make a room feel really cozy, there should be at least (!) five lamps in it. And that doesn't even include the ceiling light. Lots of lamps give a room warmth, dimension and depth.

- - -

Want to know more about Goldie? Check out her Instagram profile @goldielovespink or her blog " Goldie Loves Pink " - her cheerful nature is infectious.

Photo of Goldie: Roland Guth

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