From terrazzo to glass: Care guide for your favourite pieces

Von Terrazzo bis Glas: Pflege-Guide für deine Lieblingsstücke

Care with love: Simple cleaning tips to preserve the beauty of terrazzo, marble and co.

A well-maintained home is a beautiful home. In this article, we want to dedicate ourselves to the art of care and give tips for preserving various materials in your interior design. From marble to glass, metal, wood and ceramics - here you will learn how to preserve the beauty of your furniture and accessories for a long time.

1. Wood:

Wooden furniture is timeless, but requires special care. Avoid excessive moisture and direct sunlight, as this can damage the wood. Clean with a damp cloth and special wood cleaner. Regular polishing keeps the wood supple and protects against scratches.

2. Glass:

Glass surfaces, be it tables, mirrors or vases, can quickly become dirty. A mixture of vinegar and water is an effective glass cleaner. Use microfiber cloths to avoid unsightly streaks. Regular cleaning is particularly important for glass surfaces to keep them crystal clear and shiny.

3. Metal:

Metallic surfaces such as stainless steel or brass require regular care to prevent rusting. A mild detergent and a soft cloth are perfect for removing dust and fingerprints. Special metal polishes can preserve the shine and extend the life of the surfaces.

" Care is not just a task, but a declaration of love for the things that make your home special."

4. Marble:

Marble adds elegance to rooms, but it requires special attention. Avoid acidic cleaners as they can damage the marble . Use mild soap and water instead. Wipe with a damp cloth once a week and buff dry with a soft cloth to maintain shine.

5. Ceramics:

Ceramic tiles and decorations can be kept in top shape by taking simple measures. Use a mild cleaner to remove dirt and rinse thoroughly. Be careful when moving ceramic items to avoid scratches. Regular maintenance keeps the colors fresh and the surfaces shiny.


Terrazzo , with its colorful mosaics, adds charm to rooms. Maintain the beauty of this flooring by avoiding abrasive cleaning tools. Instead, use mild detergent and warm water regularly. A weekly wipe with a damp cloth, followed by drying with a soft cloth, will preserve not only the colors but also the unique charm of terrazzo.

Additional tips:

  • Make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning and care instructions.
  • Do not expose furniture to direct sunlight to prevent colors from fading.
  • Avoid harsh or abrasive cleaning agents to prevent scratches.
  • You can find sustainable and stylish care products in our Kinfill range.

Care is more than a task; it is a declaration of love for the things that make your home special. By following these simple care instructions, you can ensure that your furniture and accessories made of marble, glass, metal, wood, ceramic and other materials always remain radiant and elegant. A little attention can significantly extend the life of your interior design - you can find suitable care products here. We hope that this detailed care guide not only provides practical advice, but also inspires you to develop a deeper connection with the materials in your home. Because if you know how to care for them, they will give you their beauty for many years to come.

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