Spring cleaning: Start your cleaning party for fresh energy

Frühjahrsputz: Starte deine Putzparty für frische Energie

Spring cleaning - the annual event that reminds us that our windows should actually be transparent and not covered in a grey veil. While the daffodils and crocuses are blooming happily outside and the sun is greeting us with its rays, it's time for the big cleaning!

It's like a kind of ritual.

Spring cleaning is more than just a tradition - it is the ultimate opportunity to breathe new life into your home and get rid of all unnecessary clutter. It is the time when you thoroughly clean your rooms to prepare them for the warmer season. This tradition has a long history and goes back to the fact that people had to air out and clean their homes thoroughly in spring to make room for fresh air and new energy.

Use the cleanup to redecorate and redesign your home.

Get rid of the winter decorations and bring in fresh colors and decorative objects like vases and pillows . We have tips that will turn spring cleaning into a little house party, with good vibes and new energy that will get you through your everyday life happier and free of clutter.

Grab your cleaning bucket, put on your favorite music and let's tackle this cleaning adventure together! Who knows, you might even find lost treasures under the sofa or discover forgotten worlds in the depths of your kitchen cupboards. Spring cleaning can definitely be an exciting adventure.

Our ultimate decorio tips:

Cleaning out and decluttering:

Start by getting rid of unnecessary clutter. Go through room by room and get rid of items you no longer need. This not only creates more space, but also a clearer and tidier environment. Always ask yourself these questions: Is the object functional, am I emotionally attached to it or is it decorative and just beautiful? If the answer is always "not," then get rid of the piece.

Thorough cleaning:

Take the time to clean your house thoroughly. Don't just clean the surfaces, but also hard-to-reach areas like corners, cupboards and drawers that we usually ignore out of laziness. Don't forget the baseboards, door frames and of course the windows, which are the first thing we remember every time that it's time to clean.

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Organize and sort:

Use spring cleaning to reorganize your home. Organize cupboards , shelves and drawers by sorting items and arranging them according to their use or category. Don't be afraid to tackle boxes and crates that have been closed for a long time, because time often shows you that you are no longer attached to these things and that they can be thrown away.

Fresh colors and decorations:

Give your home a fresh look with simple tricks. Consider painting walls - a wall is quick to do and can also be easily painted over again. Wallpaper is back in fashion and with its great patterns you can quickly get a new look. Another easy way is to change accessories such as cushions , vases or pictures . Take a look at our card sets here - we have small sets and large sets.

Care and Maintenance:

Take the time to carry out necessary repairs and regular maintenance. Touch up paint marks on the door frame, for example, and bring your home back into shape. Check that your household appliances, heating systems and sanitary facilities are working properly and have any necessary repairs (which have been planned for a long time and have been postponed) carried out.

Sustainability and recycling:

Do your part to protect the environment by recycling and reusing. Think about how you can pass on or recycle items you no longer need instead of throwing them away. Ask your neighbors and friends if they can use anything. You're sure to find a cool DIY project. Old pieces of furniture can shine with a new lease of life with a bit of fresh paint.

Our suggestion: Invite people to a cleaning party!

Spring cleaning is not only a great opportunity to spruce up your home, but it's also a perfect excuse to throw a little cleaning party! Picture it: your favorite music blaring from the speakers, lemonade and freshly baked cake - sounds like a plan, right? So, invite your friends and family to join in with the spring cleaning. Because together, cleaning is not only more fun, but it also strengthens your relationships and creates new memories. So, grab the broom and get started - and don't forget to do a little decorating and styling along the way!

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