Visiting Daniela: Scandi-Chic in Gothenburg.

Zu Gast bei Daniela: Skandi-Chic in Göteborg.

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A "Munich native in Gothenburg", mother of two boys, stylist and creative consultant, not only has a good eye for fashion, but also an excellent one for interior design. She has swapped the grey on grey for Scandinavian coziness and turned her home into an urban Scandi oasis.

Who are you and what are you doing?

I'm Daniela, a mother of two boys, a stylist and creative consultant. Originally from Munich, I ended up in Sweden, where my husband, also a designer, and I are trying to escape the grey of Gothenburg and make ourselves comfortable in our spacious old apartment.

Describe your style and the story your home tells.

My style has really developed here in Gothenburg! The city, living with my husband and nature provide so much inspiration that an eclectic mix of Scandi, Boho and Mid-Century has emerged.

When did your interest in interior design begin?

That was always in me! But it was only here in Sweden, because of the climate and being a mother, that my focus changed a bit from fashion to interior design.

What is your biggest interior “weakness”, collecting passion or habit that you have?

Ha! There are a few...vases and chairs are definitely at the top of my list! That’s why I spend almost every free minute at second-hand markets.

Is there a special story behind a piece of furniture or furnishings in your home?

Many of our pieces have a story, simply because they are second-hand and I often spent a long time looking for them. But our dining table, which my husband built himself while he was still a student, is definitely worth mentioning.

DIY and upcycling are trendy and not only sustainable, but also fun. What was your best project in this area? And what should you look out for?

I would love to do so much more! But everything in its own time. At the moment, the boys' bed is probably the coolest project. But I always get really creative at Christmas. Even if it means a night shift!

Interior Vopaux – What should you avoid?

Just like with fashion, I don't think there is anything that isn't allowed. You should just feel comfortable in your own four walls. The only thing that I really value is order... at least once a day.

What are your 3 ultimate interior tips that you would like to share with us?

  1. Be brave.

  2. You can find inspiration everywhere.

  3. Better to try than to regret it later.

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Would you like to find out more about Daniela? Be sure to check out her Instagram profile @hejhejheimat !

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