Vintage Mid Century

Timeless Urbanist

A living style that takes you right into the pulsating heart of Buenos Aires. In every detail you can feel the spirit of the mid-century era, complemented by modern urban accents. Imagine strolling through a stylish loft with soft leather armchairs, surrounded by warm wood nuances and metallic highlights. Splashes of red and blue bring life and energy into the room. This set combines vintage charm with modern simplicity, created for people who live in the here and now but value the past. Be inspired and bring a piece of timeless urbanity into your home.

Timeless Urbanist

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Some styles are timeless, yet they reflect the pulse of the present. Mid-century is one of those fascinating styles that combines the elegant restraint of decades past with an urban, modern flair. This unique aesthetic creates a bridge between the past and present, and we take a look at its defining features.


The Urban Mid-Century style combines clean lines and organic shapes with modern functionality, a harmonious fusion of nostalgia and contemporary design.


Neutral tones such as white and grey form the base, while subtle accent colours such as warm reds, orange and blue add energy and personality to the room.


Wood in warm shades, matte metal finishes, glass and plastics are skilfully combined. Leather accents ensure luxury and elegance.


The style creates a timeless atmosphere that creates a unique combination of history and modernity through clear lines and vintage elements.

Simplicity in lines, timeless elegance in design.