Bohemian Chic

Vibrant Elegance

Ready for a style that not only evokes spaces, but also emotions? Where colorful joie de vivre meets stylish elegance and combines the unconventional charm of Amsterdam with a cosmopolitan boho flair? Bring your rooms to life with vibrant colors paired with earthy accents. Be inspired by fine fabrics, natural fibers and playful details - perfect for those who seek the extraordinary and want to celebrate their individuality. Each element reflects the craftsmanship and spirit of places like Morocco, India and Mexico and brings the vibrant energy of Amsterdam straight into your home.

Vibrant Elegance

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Design Delights

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Bohemian Chic, where traditional boho mix meets modern elegance. Create a harmonious fusion of warm and vibrant colors, velvety fabrics and natural materials. Finds from travel and curious objects bring this eclectic mix to life. Metallic accents in black and neutral patterns create a good balance and harmony. Each room becomes a journey of discovery in which deliberately staged decorations and exotic elements reflect wanderlust.


Bohemian Chic - a mix of cultures and eras, statement pieces & neutral pieces.


Muted tones such as turquoise, violet, orange and earthy nuances such as rust red and green.


Natural textiles such as cotton, rattan, wood and velvety fabrics. Metallic accents in black or chrome represent elegance.


Pulsating boho vibe, inviting atmosphere. Tropical touch through plants, a hint of wanderlust & individuality.

Embrace the unconventional.